• Introduction
  • Design and Planning
  • Systems Integration
  • Support and Aftercare
  • Training
Our service covers all aspects of microwave linked systems; consultancy, design and supply, commissioning and where necessary licensing requirements.

These designs offer versatile point-to-point communications; small wavelength set-ups point directly from antenna to antenna over distances of 50 – 70 kilometres, depending on the terrain. Microwave systems set out as relays can extend the reach of such systems.

We can offer both advice and hardware designed to help you combine your wireless links with other communications networks, e.g. DMR and TETRA business radio, Cellular 3G and 4G and infrastructure linking for WLAN WiFi systems as well as providing Internet to remote locations.

Artsys can meet all your wireless needs; from establishing the project right through to delivery. Our detailed planning and advice will allow you to keep control of your operating expense and capital investment.

Design and Planning

We can meet your needs whether your requirement is for an entirely new system, an upgrade or expansion of a small system to a complex installation across multiple sites. Our engineers will work with your staff to design solutions to your needs, on time and on budget.

Systems Integration

We’ll work with your team and contractors all the way through from the first design steps to completion. Our skill in combining different services, whether bringing together wireless links and WiFi or adding mobile services will give you the best service to meet your specific needs.

Support and Aftercare

All our support and aftercare is managed by our engineers so that you get the help that you need as quickly as possible. Working directly with our support staff they aim to answer your queries as quickly as possible to get you back up to full operational speed.


We understand that the investment you make in your staff is fundamental to your business. The training we provide can help you make the most of all existing or new systems.

Sectors that we serve

Many of your on-site communications needs, even in challenging environments can be met by wireless links. This gives mission critical operations the support they need and provides data where it is needed, on the ground.

Data and controls, supported by wireless links can be key to support your operations; adding cost effective methods of process control and on-the-ground communications.

Wireless links can provide core communication links across sites as well as bringing national level communication services into and out of any given location.

Our experience of working with many ISP means that we are uniquely placed to design, install and adapt data networks; growing services to meet growing demand. Our experience with working in challenging geographies enables us to bring you the best advice and service in bringing high speed data links to rural or agricultural settings, farms, vineyards and more.

The busy physical and electronic interfaces of working ports and airports benefit from the flexibility offered by wireless links, and the opportunity of reaching all physical areas of operation.

We’re always ready to talk, to find new solutions for projects, companies and industry. Contact us to find out how we can help …

Wireless Microwave Link Related Products

Flexible and robust; ready for the future

We’re ready to deal with the changing landscape of tomorrow’s telecommunications. Our team can advise on the interfaces and interactions between business radio, wireless links and WiFi and the best way to map out a plan for your future needs.

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