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From our origins in 1994 Artsys has been a leading supplier and consultant for radio communication systems and wireless links.

Working from our base in Barcelona we serve customers across mainland Spain and Portugal. Our mission is to supply the best service to our customers; delivering expert advice and technology.

Our specialties are mobile radio, microwave radio links and WLAN WiFi solutions. Radio systems, including both analogue and more modern digital units are an integral part of many businesses across diverse sectors. Microwave radio links and WLAN WiFi solutions can bring communications to geographically challenging and technically complex situations across a wide range of landscapes and business situations.

We continually develop our product range and train our staff to make sure that we deliver the highest standards of service.

We have an installation registered certificate issued by the Spanish ministry

All radio installations are highly engineered designs; the registration with the ministry ensures that the highest standards are maintained as to both the quality of the installation and any necessary compliance with applicable legislation.

We’re pleased to have these accreditations; they’re a worthy demonstration of the understanding and quality that we deliver to all of our customers on every dealing. We are committed to delivering a quality service on every occasion..

Founded in the nineties by Alfred Rocha

Artsys is proud to work with a range of diverse clients able to meet the communication needs of modern businesses and organisations. With a first degree in Telecom Engineering at La Salle, Barcelona, Alfred successfully completed his MBA there before moving on to work at Hitachi. This led to him securing a role at the Kenwood distributor for Spain; CSEI before becoming the Communications Department manager for Kenwood Iberica.

Artsys has gone on to build on that diverse beginning, supplying the communications needs of everything from nuclear utilities businesses, to developing communications networks for clients in challenging geographies and many others.

Rebeloak is a WISP, a wireless internet service provider, operating in the east of Malaga. With backhaul bandwith demand expanding rapidly Rebeloak were aware of an urgent need to find a cost effective solution delivering connectivity for VoIP and video offering the same immunity from radio interference. An existing commercial radio site in the middle of the path was identified opening up the possibility of a microwave backhaul solution in two hops. Dual polarity links were added to the existing antenna system offering good availability and wide bandwidth. The full outdoor solution reduced the footprint in the equipment room and realized a subsequent saving in collocation costs. The solution has now been in operation for 14 months with 100% availability.

Asociacion Nuclear Asco-Vandellos (ANAV) is an electricity company provider supplying 25% of Spain’s nuclear capacity. The two nuclear power plants owned by ANAV must be in constant communication to transmit data and voice services between the sites. Initially both were connected via optical fibre and unlicensed spectrum radio links. But whilst renewing the reactors additional communication capacity is required and this was not available over the unlicensed radio links. ANAV approached us for a better solution. Following a full fact find we designed a communications system engineered through microwave links to support Ethernet and E1 traffic. SAF radio systems were chosen to meet the technical specification.

Complex System Design

At Sistelec, we had the challenge of deploying a repeater combining system, with complex situations in some cases. Thanks to the professionality and flexibility of both Artsys and Procom, we could reach a solution that fully satisfies the needs of our customer.
Valentín Murillo, CEO, SISTELEC.

Project Confidence

The tandem Artsys-AWCSl is a warranty that the project will go ahead despite the difficulties that may arise. Their experience is the key at all stages of the project, as well as their readiness to accept all the challenges we raised. We are fully satisfied.
Gestor de Proyectos, Grupo ENYCA.

Faultless Microwave Links

From minute one, we received full support from Artsys. Thanks to their experience and professionality, the SAF microwave link system that we required was installed and commissioned in the time they told us. We are very satisfied with all the support and responsibility we received from Artsys.
Víctor Orero, CEO, ASINTEL.

Professional support, Guaranteed!

When Artsys added the LigoWave range of products to their portfolio, that benefited of their extensive experience on Wireless networks, and the result is very good for us and our customers. In this market, the key is not only to sell boxes but to add professional support and that is Artsys’ speciality.
Engineering Manager ANVIMUR

Trusted implementation

We collaborate since many years with SAF as a microwave PtP link equipment and with the technical support team from Artsys Telecom. We trust on them to design and implement our transport network as well as all their valuable help with the legal aspects of the licenses of the Administration. We are very happy with our relationship with them.

A recommendation of Trust

The team SAF-Artsys is warranty of compromise, we all know that a system installation is never easy, but despite all those issues that always arise in the deployment we always have the support of great professionals and everything ends up well. You can feel their experience at all stages of the implementation. We have always had their availability to reach the maximum of the equipment performance and to overcome all difficulties. Not only we are fully satisfied with them, but we recommend everyone to trust on their professionality.
María Jesús Cahué, Gerente, INGER TV.

Providing European Residents & Visitors with High Quality Wi-Fi Hotspots

Artsys are proud to support the European Commission with their mission to promote free Wi-Fi connectivity for people visiting public spaces such as parks, museums, health centres, squares, and libraries in municipalities throughout Europe.

This €120 million investment initiative has been given the very appropriate title of WiFi4EU meaning Wi-Fi for Europe, and has been designed to support the installation of cutting edge equipment in the heart of so many communities across the continent.

Everyone benefiting from connectivity means that it should not matter where you live or how much you earn. So we propose today to equip every European village and every city with free wireless internet access around the main centres of public life by 2020.
Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission

In 2019 and 2020 eligible municipalities were invited to apply for a €15,000 grant to have Wi-Fi equipment installed in their public spaces. Once selected, the municipality has 18 months to plan and implement the solution, this includes the decision on who they wish to carry out the work and provide the products.

Artsys were asked to support 2 municipalities in Spain: Arnedo, the third largest town in La Rioja, and La Pobla de Lillet, a small town situated in the mountains.

The Ultimate Trusted Collaboration

Together with Altai, Triunfotel and Apfutura of Spain, the expert team at Artsys Telecom provided the solution to either improve or expand an existing network and to ensure that it’s free and easily accessible for anyone who wants it. The European Commission has one key stipulation – the connection must be high quality and be at least 30Mbps.

The four professional organisations in this collaboration have significant experience in the implementation of high speed networks and have the capability to deliver exactly what the customer needs.

Artsys Expertise

Artsys’ role in the European Commission initiative is to establish the most appropriate products to deliver outstanding results.

The wireless access points used provide high speed connectivity for seamless Wi-Fi coverage even in physically difficult or geographically remote locations.

The Altai products that we provided are essential to extend network coverage, increase existing Wi-Fi strength and will enable the network to remain fully operational when it experiences high capacity.

Arnedo, Spain

The Arnedo City Council was awarded a government grant allowing them to gain from the impressive initiative. This was Artsys’s first and extremely successful installation. The residents and visitors of the city alike will benefit from having high quality indoor and outdoor wireless access points. In particular, the city council was keen for the installation of a Wi-Fi zone in the sports area as it’s a very popular space where people not only visit to celebrate sporting events, but meet up socially.

Twenty-two Altai APs were deployed by Triunfotel for use indoors and outdoors to cover a vast area enabling all of the city’s occupants to stay connected.

Their deployment will also allow the city to improve the level of service it provides too resulting in a continual improvement to the daily lives of the residents and visitors alike.

La Pobla de Lillet

Artsys were best placed to advise on the products to use in this project, to ensure that the occupants of this picturesque municipality achieve connectivity, due to their wealth of experience when it comes to overcoming terrain challenges.

Apfutura collaborated with Artsys for this project and due to their shared values and commitment, their solutions were second to none. Apfutura specialise in offering tailor-made network systems to improve the quality of people’s lives.

La Pobla de Lillet has a population of around 1,101 but attracts huge numbers of visitors. It’s imperative that such a region has reliable connectivity enabling the visitors to navigate their way through the valley with ease and to connect to hospitality and leisure venues.

Free and accessible Wi-Fi in places such as La Pobla de Lillet boost the travel industry as well as enhance the experience of the traveller.

The residents of La Pobla de Lillet are also delighted with the free and accessible Wi-Fi hotspots enabling them to achieve internet access when away from their homes or places of work.

Market sectors that we serve

From head office WiFi through to robust business radio services and the connection of sites by wireless links we understand the diverse communications needs of this sector.

We’ve got the experience and the understanding to meet your mission critical needs. All the business radio and wireless links we deliver for this sector are flexible and robust.

From accessible WiFi to staff support and security we can work with you to meet your fast changing needs in this demanding sector.

We understand that this engineering driven sector needs precise and robust solutions from business radio and wireless services; planned and structured for reliability.

We’ll work with you to understand your processes and plant; designing a system that delivers the maximum results; integrating business radio with wireless links and any other systems.

Business radio and WiFi gives a boost to retail operations; unseen and seamless enabling you to deliver the best service to your customers whilst offering real support to staff.

Modern education, driven by the ability of technology to deliver flexible information services, needs the best communications across business radio, WiFi and wireless links to perform at its peak.

From traditional two way radio providing voice services right through to encrypted data via WLAN WiFi we can provide full support and integration via wireless links and other systems.

Our Advantages


We have a wide understanding coupled with the technical knowledge that your communication network needs.

Local and National

Working across Spain and Portugal we have experience in many locations and with many different sectors.

Service & Support

Our team of engineers and technicians is available to answer your queries and provide all necessary support.


Over twenty years of experience means that we have an unrivalled capacity for solving problems from the ground up.

Flexible and robust; ready for the future

We’re ready to deal with the changing landscape of tomorrow’s telecommunications. Our team can advise on the interfaces and interactions between business radio, wireless links and WiFi and the best way to map out a plan for your future needs.

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