Wi-Fi HotSpot, broadband wireless access and point to point solutions

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Whether you want to provide Wi-Fi across a large scale manufacturing facility shopping centre, marina or hotel or just provide Wi-Fi HotSpot services at a small venue such as a restaurant, we can help.
Private Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) high speed wireless data is now being utilised by more and more businesses helping to drive down costs and enable better management of the day to day operations. An example of this would be wireless terminals connected to stock control, facility control and plant monitoring as well as asset location including staff and materials and providing voice communication via VoIP type services all connected via wireless access points.

Buildings and manufacturing sites often present a challenge to provide seamless WiFi coverage. For example underground rooms or in areas where manufacturing plant or thick walls blocks coverage or because of plant interference. Artsys are able to design around any challenging coverage situation.

We also provide point to point broadband links for remote locations such as farms and vineyards. Reliable information on the ground offers huge advantages to your company; keeping in touch with customers and suppliers and business trends.

Artsys can provide solutions ranging from simple traditional wireless broadband routers right through to fully managed systems that allow more control of internet traffic and guest access levels.

WiFi Systems Design and Planning

WiFi for many customers is a core part of their business; either internally to provide a fundamental part of the communications chain or as a value added service for their own clients. We can provide the designs to create a new WLAN WiFi system or to extend an existing service.

WiFi Systems Integration

We’ll work with your team and contractors all the way through from the first design steps to completion. Our skill in combining different services, whether bringing together wireless links and WiFi or adding mobile services will give you the best service to meet your specific needs.

WiFi Systems Support and Aftercare

All our support and aftercare is managed by our engineers so that you get the help that you need as quickly as possible. Working directly with our support staff they aim to answer your queries as quickly as possible to get you back up to full operational speed.


We can provide customised training to meet your needs; giving your staff a thorough understanding of the systems they will be using. For small groups or larger organisations we can deliver training on both new and existing systems.

Sectors that we serve

Artsys can provide the infrastructure you need to keep internal communications running at their best connecting securely to WLAN using high levels of encryption. A robust service for this fundamental sector.

Within the manufacturing campus we can provide all necessary wireless access points, even in physically difficult or geographical remote locations. WiFi can work in tandem with production teams to support stock control, lone worker safety and operational controls.

WiFi for retail can be structured to meet both the immediate business needs of your employees and the secondary needs and desires of your customers. Warehousing and dispatch, accounts and stock control achieve the highest standards of commercial operation when properly supported.

In the hotels sector WiFi everywhere is increasingly the expectation for guests and visitors. Our in depth understanding will help us to design systems to meet your needs, remain within your control and operate cost effectively. Across the hospitality sector more generally we can construct temporary systems for seasonal or short term events as well as meet the needs of larger areas; conference centres, leisure complexes and more besides.

In all campus situations high speed, secure, reliable data is the cornerstone of modern teaching and learning. WiFi solutions can bring specialist journals and learning resources onto campus in a cost effective way as well as supporting the business needs of modern institutions.

We can ensure that your WiFi links meet your needs in a secure manner and within budget. Our comprehensive design service will allow us to work together to design the best bespoke integration with other technologies including data gateways and dispatchers.

Across all your areas of operation we’re ready to work in partnership with you to meet your WiFi needs, but also to ensure that systems are flexible enough to be adapted to future needs. From social care work, supporting staff security and meeting the need for up to the minute information right through to civil defence and transport providing secure and reliable data links we can help you move forward.

We’ve worked with a variety of diverse customers in the past in this sector, that breadth of experience means we are well placed to design, install and adapt data networks; growing services to meet growing demand.

We’re always ready to talk, to find new solutions for projects, companies and industry. Contact us to find out how we can help …

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Flexible and robust; ready for the future

We’re ready to deal with the changing landscape of tomorrow’s telecommunications. Our team can advise on the interfaces and interactions between business radio, wireless links and WiFi and the best way to map out a plan for your future needs.

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