Our expertise allows us to provide services around all aspects of the project life cycle; from consultation through to delivery. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of emerging technologies. We have forged alliances with strategic suppliers such as Townet enabling us to deliver dependable network infrastructures.

Townet power supply with CAN bus and integrated microprocessor.
  • TW-IDU-Node 2
Power your Hotspots, CPEs, IP phones and cameras thanks to Gigabit Ethernet PoE

Thanks to Power Over Ethernet (200 AC) TW-IDU NODE powers any standard and not standard equipment such as IP cameras, IP phones, PBXs, Access Points, Switchs, CPEs, Routers, guaranteeing output tension even in the case of a black out.

Use the CAN bus port to link the energy stations

With the standard CAN bus port it is possible to link more TW-IDU NODE together for remote management. Moreover, the TW-IDU NODE interacts with every kind of equipment based on the same standard, from sensors, to building automation and domotics.

Use the USB port to connect the IDU with a router board and your PC

With the USB port it is possible to interact with a PC to manage the equipment for remote control: switching on, switching off, reprogramming, etc. By linking a Router board it is possible to manage all information that pass through the can-bus: from MAC adresses to the equipment status. Every bit of information can be carried to Townet OS Node, the platform created by Townet to manage and monitor the devices remotely.

It collects Data Logs about the equipment status over time

TW-IDU NODE keeps track of all the device information for one year, thanks to the EEPROM integrated in the microprocessor that collects data even without a supply.

Power it with solar panels

When the TW-IDU NODE is supplied by solar panels, the Smart Power Management directs all the needed power to the linked equipments, leaving only the surplus for the battery charging. With charge priority and the surplus to battery, the solar supply becomes smart.