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Business Radio remains at the heart of modern communications; reliable, flexible and compatible. We offer a complete design and supply service.

Artsys’ expertise, established over many years, extends to a wide variety of manufacturers and their products. We take great care in working with you to assess your particular needs and identify the best solutions for your business from the great number on offer. Get in touch with us now and we’ll begin the process of building the best system for your needs.

DMR, Digital Mobile Radio, is the modern redevelopment of earlier analogue systems used by business (or private mobile) radio. Its technical standard is defined by ETSI, European Telecommunications Standards Institute, which was first published in 2005. DMR has been adopted all around the world. It is an open standard used by many manufacturers and has more than three million subscribers. The DMR standard offers the assurance that equipment from different manufacturers will be compatible. DMR enables migration from business (private mobile) radio into the existing 12.5 KHz spectrum, it doubles capacity by offering two digital channels, known as two time slots, using TDMA, Time Division Multiple Access.

TETRA, TETRA was published as a standard by ETSI, European Telecommunications Standards Institute, first in 1990. This has evolved and is now very well established. TETRA systems are the mainstay for public safety and Airport communication systems throughout Europe, the Middle East, Russia and the Far East. TETRA is also extensively used throughout the Oil and Gas sectors worldwide. TETRA uses Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) with four digital user channels on one radio carrier and 25 kHz spacing between carriers. TETRA Mobile Stations can communicate in a direct-mode of operation or using trunked-mode operation. TETRA provides for authentication of terminals towards infrastructure and vice versa. For protection against eavesdropping, air interface encryption and end-to-end encryption is available.

ANALOGUE, Analogue radio was, for many years, the most common trunked radio system. 5 tone and MPT 1327 systems are still used and trusted across the globe for many operations, including mission critical settings. We are fully committed to maintaining the necessary expertise to support and maintain analogue systems. We can offer specialist advice on making sure any business radio system works together with other communications networks that your business may use; interfacing with national level services such as mobile phone networks. Here at Artsys we work to make the most of the technology offered and integrating into different businesses and engineering it to meet their diverse needs; bringing additional services and data capacity.

Design and Planning for Business Radio

Across Europe and beyond use of radio frequencies is a highly regulated area, governed by national legislation. We can identify whether these requirements will affect your systems and guide you through all necessary planning and application processes.

Our engineers will provide full integration with other systems and migration support where required. We also supply and service digital and analogue radio systems across many industries.

Systems Integration

Our engineers will provide full integration with other communications systems to bring a flexibility to your communications service that meets all your data needs. Integration with mobile data as well as with wireless links can bring complex solutions for challenging locations and technically difficult situations.

Support and Aftercare

Business Radio, Digital or Analogue in all its forms and applications is highly reliable but in the event of any difficulties arising our engineers are ready to answer all your enquiries. Our comprehensive training and experience work together to fact find and trouble shoot a clear route to a fully operational system as quickly as possible.

Migration to Digital Radio

Once your organisation is ready to make the transition to digital Artsys is ready to guide you every step of the way. Our comprehensive understanding of both analogue functionality and digital systems will allow us to design and plan the steps necessary for each step; fully specifying all necessary components from hardware through to software to manage a seamless migration.


The training you provide for your staff is of paramount importance for the future of your business. Whether this is training in advance of digital migration, to support new colleagues coming into the business or for any other reason we can provide training to exactly meet your needs.

Business Radio Sectors that we serve

Both traditional analogue radios and DMR stand at the core of many business in this sector. We can provide you with all necessary advice to integrate these essential services with other communications networks.

We’re here to give your communications network the support it needs in this challenging environment. Our service provides second to none support for all mission critical sectors.

Business Radio can offer much support to manufacturing processes, adding controls and communication, reducing costs and improving responses to system alerts. Providing businesses with a truly integrated voice and data solution.

Reliable and robust wireless communication lies at the heart of Oil and Gas operations, bringing key worker security and mission critical communications to the heart of your business.

Business radio within a retail setting can provide flexible communications between different areas of your operation and the site itself. It has an important role to play in stock control and shop watch schemes too.

For site security, crowd management, fire alarms and more digital communications can assist your operation; improving reaction times and protecting the safety of lone workers.

For maintenance and communications, staff security and support; across all campus situations reliable communications are a cost effective essential support to the business needs of modern institutions.

We can assist with cross site communications as well bringing national level communication services into and out of any given location. As well as traditional two way speech we also provide high speed encrypted data solutions including WLAN WiFi and secure Point to Point links.

We’re always ready to talk, to find new solutions for projects, companies and industry. Contact us to find out how we can help …

Business Radio Related Products

Flexible and robust; ready for the future

We’re ready to deal with the changing landscape of tomorrow’s telecommunications. Our team can advise on the interfaces and interactions between business radio, wireless links and WiFi and the best way to map out a plan for your future needs.

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